Monday, November 30, 2009

What is AdsenseWatcher?

Adsense Watcher is a free donationware program to check your Adsense earning at regular interval. It allows you to easily see your earnings at a glance instead of logging into the Google's Adsense website multiple times a day.

Adsense Watcher supports single and multiple Adsense accounts. The free version only support one account but the donationware version supports up to 5 accounts.

Please register with us with valid email account and we will keep you posted with the latest version and upgrade. Download Adsense Watcher now.
for XP/Vista
Other OS is not supported yet

AdsenseWatcher Features

Check your earning quickly
Adsense Watcher can make your life easier by checking your Adsense Earning at regular interval right at your desktop

Multiple accounts support
Have more than one Adsense account? Adsense Watcher supports up to 5 accounts after you send us the donation and can check them simultaneously.

Encrypted Password
Your account username & password are safe. We make sure that your information are encrypted 100%

Welcome to

AdsenseWatcher is now ready to be downloaded for everyone. AdsenseWatcher is a free program to check your Google Adsense earning in your desktop. It is a small utility that allows you to see your today's, yesterday and last 7 days Adsense earning.

If you like our program you can send donation in our donation page and in return, AdsenseWatcher will support multiple Adsense accounts. We also welcome any feedback and bug report that you might encountered and please send them to us at: